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Photographer Melissa Maxwell of Jubilee Family Photography in Gilbert, AZ.PINIMAGE

Hello, my name is Melissa and I’m a family photographer located in Gilbert, Arizona.  Welcome to my website!

Over the years I have worked hard to become the type of photographer I would want to hire.  I want a photographer who understands how important family pictures are to me.  I want someone who can make the process fun and relatively stress-free.  I want my photographer to have years of experience with photography and with people.  I want to hire someone who is organized and punctual and ready to get to work.  I want someone who works well with young, crazy kids and older less-enthused teenagers.  I want someone who knows how to pose us at our best, but can also capture candid moments that reflect who we truly are as a family.  I want a photographer who knows the ins and outs of their camera and lenses and understands light and exposure.  I want someone with a clear editing style that isn’t too distracting or trendy.  I’d like my photographer to have a good working knowledge of Photoshop just in case someone in the family has a hard time keeping their eyes open.  I want a photographer who will sit down with me and help me choose which photos I want to keep forever.  Also, I would like there to be candy present for any big decision making.

I know what it is you’re looking for in a photographer.  As a wife and mother, I have experienced these photo sessions for myself.  I remember my senior portraits (So much acne!), my engagement photos (So much kissing!), and my newborn portraits (So much poop!).  My family and I take portraits every year and when it’s all over, I usually need a lot of pie.  In a perfect world, I could hire myself and save some calories.  Sadly, I cannot hire myself.

The good news is I’m here for YOU!  I can make your portrait experience one that you will truly enjoy and create images that you will treasure forever.  So go ahead and hire me.  I would.

[Photo by my eleven year old daughter.]